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COVID-19: Information for Patients

Being pregnant may sometimes mean you worry more about your own health and the health of your baby. The current COVID 19 situation may be causing you additional concern. The recommendations for social distancing may also be causing disruption and distress. Here are some resources and tips to help you through this time:

Keep yourself informed…within limits


Stick to your schedule

  • Try as much as possible to stick to your daily schedule, with substitutes as needed.

  • Continue to plan for your baby’s arrival! Shop online or have friends and family help

Pay attention to your physical and emotional health

  • Get enough sleep and nutrition, avoid alcohol and drugs.

  • Ask your prenatal provider about recommendations for frequency of prenatal visits.

  • If you have a therapist or psychiatric provider, ask about telehealth options.

  • Maintain a daily gratitude journal.

  • Set aside time for mindfulness and deep breathing. Explore smartphone apps like PTSD Coach (Android, Apple) for deep breathing, positive imagery, and muscle relation exercises and Headspace (Android, Apple) for mindfulness meditation. 


Nurture your relationships

  • Social support can protect against depression and anxiety - when friends and neighbors offer help, accept it! It does take a village to raise a child!

  • Stay connected even if it is just virtual for now – think about making a phone call instead of texting, and consider video calling.


Use your community supports

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