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The Maternal and Infant Care Clinic (MICC) at UWMC​ is a comprehensive, high-risk pregnancy clinic that provides obstetric and gynecological care to mothers during and immediately post pregnancy. Psychiatry residents and fellows, under the supervision of a perinatal psychiatrist, conduct psychiatric evaluations for women with a wide range of mental health issues during their pregnancies and postpartum period.

Working with obstetrician-gynecologists, neonatologists, midwives, and social workers, our psychiatry team provides consultations to clinic providers and administers ongoing treatment for mothers experiencing mental health concerns, including depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, psychotic disorders, other psychiatric disorders, and emotional adjustment to pregnancy and its complications.

Refer a Patient


Providers wishing to refer a patient to the Maternal and Infant Care Clinic must complete a UW Medicine referral form. MICC can be reached at (206) 598-4070. 

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