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The Perinatal Psychiatry Clinic offers consultation and treatment for any birthing patient with a mental health condition who is considering becoming pregnant, pregnant, or postpartum. Services include preconception counseling regarding management of psychiatric disorders during pregnancy, help for patients in making informed decisions regarding treatment of psychiatric disorders during pregnancy / lactation, and medication management and psychotherapy for psychiatric disorders during pregnancy and lactation.

Run by perinatal psychiatrists, Drs. Deb Cowley and Amritha Bhat, the clinic focuses on the well-being of the mother-baby dyad and closely collaborates with Primary Care, OB/GYN and Pediatrics providers.


The Perinatal Psychiatry Clinic is located at UW Medical Center-Roosevelt Outpatient Clinic.

Clinic Hours

Monday mornings and Wednesday afternoons


At this time we are not able to accept non-UW patients. Please reference the scheduling information below for more information:


  • For UW providers: Please send an EPIC referral (UWMC OP PSYCH, with added referral reason of Perinatal)

  • For UW patients: If you would like to visit the Perinatal Psychiatry Clinic (at the UW Medical Center-Roosevelt) you must obtain a referral from your doctor. Your doctor can complete the UW Medicine referral form. Then, you can make an appointment through the UW Medicine contact center. If you are calling the contact center to check on your referral, please ask about your referral to the UWMC Outpatient Psychiatry Clinic (the Perinatal Psychiatry Clinic is located within this clinic).

Telepsychiatry Clinic

Are you a provider seeking psychiatric evaluation for a patient? Check out our new Telepsychiatry Clinic!

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